The earth has music for those who listen….All the sounds of the earth are like music, if you stop and listen you will eventually hear a philharmonic orchestra playing your own life’s symphony…even in the stillness of the open veld, the quietness of the early morning in the bush … if you listen closely, you can hear your own song playing…
When we are home in Prince Albert, I often go out into the veld to watch the sun go down … Standing there I have several option while waiting … do I meditate; do I take photos or do I just appreciate the beauty in front of me? You become quiet, listening to the music of the veld… Then I do a 360 degree turn-about to look at the clouds, tilt my head up towards the mountains …. I become peaceful, look at the beauty all around me and for that moment I am totally in the now … there are no thoughts fighting for attention in my head … everything is quiet, when you look at the people you’re with, you see that they are also quiet, enjoying what the veld offers …. Calming of the soul…
Then the sun goes down and I laugh out loud…. there across from me in the open veld a lonely windmill stands sentry against the blazing sky…. suddenly a gust of wind blows up, you hear the sound of spurting water as the windmill turns in the wind…..the sound of trickling water, unexpected, yet so lovely in this dry veld …. Another symphony written by nature …


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