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Definitely eternity, not a figure 8

Definitely eternity, not a figure 8

It brought me huge pleasure to realize that little Hannah, our own little Moonbeam, was on her way during the four day Full Moon phase.  I so look forward to share all my Moon stories with Hannah, who arrived just after Full Moon on the 7th of May 2015.  To top it all, this phase of the Moon, the starting of the Waning Moon, is also associated with the Grandmother goddesses – all wise and benevolent, demanding but devoted.  Suddenly I became a smitten and caring granny/ouma!  I’m sure my fascination with the moon played its part.

The two smitten grannies just staring at the new arrival …

The two smitten grannies just staring at the new arrival …

We left home early morning on the day that Hannah was born to be in Stellenbosch for the happy event.  As we drove out of Prince Albert the Moon was still sitting high up in the sky blinking at us just to tell us that it was the day of our Big Event.  As we drove towards Stellenbosch the Moon stayed in the sky for most of the day, and I must say she kept my mind busy watching her and making up stories in my head, preventing me from getting too excited for what was waiting for us.

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Hannahs moon

Hannah’s Moon …

The moon followed us all day long …

The moon followed us all day long …

At 14:55 that afternoon Hannah was born and while we were heading for Stellenbosch, just outside Caledon we received the most beautiful photo to tell us that we were now the proud grandparents of Hannah Grace Snyman….

Welcome to the world ...

Welcome to the world …

While writing this story for Hannah, my mind went all over the place and I realized how many nursery rhymes with the Moon playing a role I will be able to teach Hannah.  Just think about it!

Hey diddle diddle

The cat and the fiddle

The cow jumped over the moon

The little dog laughed to see such fun

And the dish ran away with the spoon!

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Now that Hannah is here and I know and think I understand my new life, I can sit back and start to compile all my moon stories and fairy tales to tell to all the grandchildren one of these days!  I am so looking forward to start my storytelling that I even forget about my other interests while writing the stories.

What do you see on the Moon:  Liewe Heksie (Liewe Heksie or  the Loveable little Witch was a South African story when our children were small)

What do you see on the Moon: Liewe Heksie
(Liewe Heksie or the Loveable little Witch was a South African story when our children were small)

Moon fairies playing in the Moonlight

Moon fairies playing in the Moonlight

Ever since I can remember, I am Moonstruck.  I seriously believe that when it is Full Moon, I am at my happiest and when it is New or Dark Moon, my mood swings to the darkness as well.   When I learned that I was born during Full Moon I was over the Moon with happiness and immediately understood why the Moon will always influence my moods.

A special moon one night …

A special moon one night …

Ages ago when Kallie started to court me, I quickly convinced him about my happiness with the Full Moon.  Several times I convinced him to take me to Klapperkop outside Pretoria to go and sit and watch the Full Moon rising.   Just a short insert here, I don’t know   if you can remember the Panga Man and Klapperkop – Many years ago, long before we were born, there was man who attacked and killed people with a panga, but in our young days, he was already long gone to another planet after his trial and death sentence.  I think Kallie thought every time we went to Klapperkop it was his time to whoo me, but soon after we parked I would see the panga man jumping out from behind a bush and we had to leave before he killed us.  It took a long time for Kallie to understand my extremely active brain, constantly making up stories for myself to the confusion of an infatuated boyfriend.

In those days I did not even think that one day I would hold a baby in my arms, let alone thinking further into the future about one day holding my baby’s baby and becoming a grandparent!

Now and then …

Now and then …

Then, many, many Moons later, the most beautiful thing happened to us.  We received the good news that we were going to become grandparents – twice in one year!  For the first nine months, I was so worried about becoming a granny because knowing myself I do not do well with new born little ones.  The moment I walk through the doors and I saw Minanne and pretty little Hannah all my fears were gone and I became a smitten granny!


That special moment when you hold your grandchild for the first time …

Captivted ....

Captivated ….

Before I end my story, something to think about … the other nursery rhyme that talks about the Moon is something few of us know about …

Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke is crown.

 And Jill came tumbling after.

In Norway the people describe the spots on the Moon as a boy and a girl carrying a bucket of water.  Their walk up the hill and the fall down the hill actually describes the monthly ascent and descent of the phases of the Moon!   In Norwegian they are known as Hjuki and Bil and then we changed it to Jack and Jill!

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A week later we had to leave Hannah behind to drive to Pretoria for work.  It was with a heavy heart that we had to say good-bye, luckily knowing that we will see them all again in a months’ time and that mommy Minanne will be sharing photos with us every day.

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The Moon exactly a week after Hannah was born, smiling down at us and sharing little Hannah’s smile with us ….


I will hold that little hand tight close to my heart until we see her again …


That look told me quick and clear that I must stop and get going before I become a boring slobbering granny…