We have joy, we have fun in all our seasons.  Every day ends with the setting sun. When Autumn arrives all the leaves turns yellow, red, and brown and we   witness a season of change.


At the end of the day, the setting sun

Every season has its special beauty; autumn is no exception. Watching the trees turn from a variety of green to the richness of gold, yellow and red is a beautiful sight. One can almost be blinded by the beauty and forget that the icy winter follows this beauty.

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Autumn has arrived

Is it really true that all this beauty is a sign of death and decay? With all this beauty there is a certain sadness in knowing that the changing colours are the interlude to the arrival of a long cold winter.

HT6A3082  HT6A3127

Whether we are standing high up in the mountains, on a road trip or standing somewhere on the open plains in the veld, the beauty and the timelessness of the Karoo grabs my soul, slows me down and gives me lots of joy.  Standing on top of the Kredouw Pass looking down into Prince Albert Valley you see that Autumn has arrived and spread her fingers all across to paint nature into Autumn’s colours.


Prince Albert Valley covered in Autumn’s colours

Sometimes the wind turns wild and starts to roam down the streets and they sky.   Blowing angrily and shaking the trees branches around with menace, the leaves get shaken from the branches, floating softly through the air like confetti while dancing their way to the ground where they paint the ground in the beautiful golden colours of Autumn.

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Autumn, the golden season of the year

Standing on my back stoep early one morning I watched as a huge storm was brewing up in the sky coming towards the town.  There was a chilly angry wind blowing and shaking all the trees.  The crispness in the air and the smell of rain falling on the parched dry grass, plants and dead leaves told me that Winter is on its way, yet the in-between time of Autumn is a special time of the year.

FullSizeRender (3)

A storm is waiting to let go …

As the season changes from hot to cold you can watch the trees change their clothes, from green to brown, from red to gold.  They never seem to change their bodies.  Year by year they grow older, they hold onto their roots as they dance in the wind when the wind shakes them around.  In summer during the heat they provide shade to us all.  In the windy seasons they bend backwards and forwards and looks like they swagger around and start to undress as their leaves begin to fall to the ground, then they stand naked to face the cold. Leafless branches waiting for spring to arrive, the next step in nature.   After a few months, they can finally put on their new clothes, to welcome Spring.


Trees standing naked against the cold of Winter

My life swirls around between the sun and wind and rain and the moon.  I always say that the moods within myself are carved by the weather, moon and time and I cannot be myself apart from nature’s time and rules. I try to learn and yet unlearn.   Deep within me, my heart always unfolds a mystery spurred by the seasons’ changes, playing off  lots of stories in my mind. 


Let the sun shines through …

There’s a crispness in the air that greets the morning sun, a feeling of anticipation, a new day has begun.  Winter is drawing near, yet in between is surely the most special time of year. I sit contented with a book on my lap to pass the time, the sound of an angry wind howling down the mountain.
I can almost imagine the wind sitting on the mountaintop, looking down at the land and getting angry, then decides it is time to come down into the town to sweep nature clean with all the rubbish the humans had left behind.


blue cloudy skies and the golden colours of Autumn

People can be compared to the seasons, they are born, and they grow and bloom, and then slowly ebb away … like spring, summer, and autumn they cannot stay forever.  Winter will come as it always does, if we are blessed, we have experienced the seasons at their best.

Spring, summer and autumn will soon be part of the past.
The warmth of summer is leaving, the sunshine is getting colder and nature is turning into something new.  Something colder, something darker, something different, something beautiful … Something called Winter.  Winter will follow the Autumn with his cold and chilly breath, blowing through every nook and cranny as it always does.


The cold icy fingers were spread across nature turning it all frozen during the night


The nakedness of Wintertime in nature



We can say in aeternum, Autumn always begins with the same colours, the landscape turns dry and brown while lots of orange, yellow red and brown leaves fall from trees to cover the ground.


Nature does not allow itself to be kept behind a closed gate




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